2016 Pumpkin Belgian Blonde

For our annual pumpkin beer this year, we wanted to try something new. Jer found this article about designing the perfect pumpkin beer, and the mention of a Belgian pumpkin ale sparked our interest. Maybe we’ll get more pumpkin flavor with a lighter beer (compared to our usual Punkin’ Porter recipe).

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Naptime Jasmine IPA

This brew is based on a clone of Elysian’s Avatar Jasmine IPA that I brewed on the stovetop during my toddler’s nap. Naptime Jasmine IPA. Naps aren’t that long, though, so I had to cheat and start before his nap and was still wrapping up when he woke.

I was running out of time to brew a beer this summer that would be ready in time to take to our friend Dean’s Brewfest in mid-September. I didn’t have the regular propane brew gear available this weekend, so I brewed on the stovetop for the first time since trying small batch brewing with the Apple Brown Betty Fall Ale.

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2013 Punkin’ Porter

This is the fourth year of brewing the Punkin’ Porter, which is the only one of our brews that has made so many repeat appearances.

Before kicking off our brew day we did a side-by-side tasting of the 2012 and 2011 batches. Unfortunately, the 2012 had a slight sour note to it. I assume this comes from experimenting with roasted pumpkin seeds, but really could stem from any part of the process of using real pumpkin. The 2011 batch was–even after two years–pretty amazing!

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Apple Brown Betty Fall Ale

Half-Batch Brewing

I’m trying out brewing a small (half) batch recipe because this recipe might not be any good. Even if it is good, I don’t know that I want a full 5 gallons of this, so I just split the recipe in half and left all of the timings the same.

A 2.5 gallon batch seemed like an easy task for the kitchen stove. Unfortunately, bringing 2.5 gallons to a boil took a lot longer on the stove than with the turkey fryer!

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