Apple Brown Betty Fall Ale

Half-Batch Brewing

I’m trying out brewing a small (half) batch recipe because this recipe might not be any good. Even if it is good, I don’t know that I want a full 5 gallons of this, so I just split the recipe in half and left all of the timings the same.

A 2.5 gallon batch seemed like an easy task for the kitchen stove. Unfortunately, bringing 2.5 gallons to a boil took a lot longer on the stove than with the turkey fryer!

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Barrel-Aged Canadian Imperial Stout

We’re brewing four batches to fill a 13.5 gallon Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey barrel! That should give us enough (~16 gallons or so) to fill the barrel and have extra to top off and maybe keep some as a control batch.

For our barrel project we decided on the recipe from The Homebrewer’s Recipe Guide that we used on our first test batch.

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