Vive La Pêche Saison

The weather finally turned nice in Seattle and I hadn’t brewed anything yet in 2017, so I thought I’d take advantage of the 80+ degree weather for this long Memorial Day weekend and try brewing a Saison. I figured it will be nice to have on hand for the hot days ahead.

I’ve also been interested in making a Saison with Wyeast 3711 (French Saison), which has a lower temperature range than Wyeast 3724. It was 3724 (Belgian Saison) that led to the infamous Exploding Saison disaster.

To make things interesting, I want to add peaches during fermentation, so this is going to be a Peach French Saison–Vive La Pêche.

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Ginger Saison without Ginger

Today we wanted to do a Saison–something substantially different from The Hopfather, but still light enough for easy summer drinking.

We followed the Ginger Saison recipe from Sam Calagione’s Extreme Brewing, but did not include the ginger because we’ve had some less-than-pleasant results when using ginger in the past. Two recipes that included ginger–the Gingerbread Brown and a Fruitcake beer–were both overwhelmingly gingery. This time we just wanted a nice easy-to-drink Saison.

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